Aimee Graham

Aimee Graham.jpg

Aimee Graham, National Sales Manager for Mountain Travel Sobek.  Aimee’s passions lie in the experience of adventure, the memories of learning new destinations and the extraordinary experiences that come from experiential travel. Aimee, born and raised an island girl in Key West Florida, was bred with hospitality in her genes. Weekends were usually spent exploring the ocean and trekking through the outdoors.  Continuing her adventure-hearted career path, Aimee dove into the beautiful land of Hawaii where she managed the Travel Industry Market for a world renowned luxury Kahala Hotel & Resort, before calling Southern California her home. With a passion for Travel, Wellness, and Culture, Aimee drives the MT Sobek brand to new heights by focusing on using her travel experiences to find the best solutions in working with our Travel and Industry Partners.