Kristen Moore

CEO, Destinations of Distinctions

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Kristen began her marketing career with IBM in 2007 and shifted gears into the travel industry following the economic recession of 2009. Previously, she extended her education with a Master’s Degree in International Relations & Public Policy at Monmouth University where she honed her craft of public speaking. She has cultivated valuable relationships among top tier industry partners and travel advisors and focuses on driving revenue through all valuable channels of the marketplace. She was awarded first place with Travel Agent Magazine as Top Supplier Sales Rep of 2015 and won the gold Travvy Award in 2016 for Rising Star in Hotels/Resorts. Kristen leads her team with strategic maneuvers both on the ground and online which ensures all their clients receive top level bespoke services around the clock. What she’s known for? Top level training sessions that catapult their clients to household names.