Michelle Juergen

Senior Editor, TravelAge West, Family Getaways, Explorer

As one of the unlucky suckers who graduated college in the wake of the Great Recession, Michelle has been surprisingly lucky to be able to put her journalism degree to good use over the last decade. She began her career at Entrepreneur, a national monthly consumer magazine focused on business management and entrepreneurship, ultimately working her way up to Associate Editor. When an opportunity to enter the travel industry cruised by, she jumped ship on the business world to join TravelAge West. 

Today, Michelle is the Senior Editor of the award-winning travel trade brands TravelAge West, Family Getaways and Explorer, and is the recipient of a Gold Prize from the North American Travel Journalists Association. When she’s not working or traveling, she can most often be found camping under the stars, planning a road trip to some off-the-grid destination or talking to woodland critters (or just herself) in the forest.