Sarah Johnson

Independent Contractor, Paper, Ink, & Passports Travel / Largay Travel

I specialize in Australia, New Zealand, the UK/Ireland, polar regions, and adventure travel. The majority of my clients are referrals or via social media channels. None of my clients live near me, so almost every interaction is via webinar/video call, email, or phone call/text.

I have a host agency that handles all my invoicing and support while I focus on my clients and their needs. Typically, I say that I specialize in my clients rather than a destination because I utilize the many Virtuoso onsites. Ninety percent of what I do are FITs. I don't sell cruises and I rarely sell escorted tours, although I am starting to do a little of both.

Affiliations: Largay Travel, Virtuoso


Work Phone: 913-708-5464