Sofia Hedman


Group travel operations coordinator, accent on travel

My business mission is to sell the right product to the right client, which will result in happy clients that come back, and refer our business. Since I work in groups, it is slightly different. First, we find the right kinds of partners, such as wine stores, local non-profits, local business owners etc. Then, I find a product that would interest them and their clients. For example, we pitch a wine focused river cruise to a high-end wine store owner. Once we sell them on the group, we market it to their clientele. Once we have people inquire, I make sure that the group trip offered is right for their wants and needs in terms of their next vacation. We have events to help promote the groups. We always create custom itineraries on top of what the supplier is offering to give our groups an edge, and this brings back extra profit to our agency.

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Work Phone: 302-703-0115