Travel Advisors


“Future Leaders is an event unlike anything else I've experienced in the travel industry — in the best way! It brings together like-minded advisors and suppliers who share a passion and drive for wanting to positively influence the travel industry. The format of incorporating team activities, engaging workshops, impressive speakers and stunning nature is a perfect combination of a work retreat! There are so many strong relationships and friendships that were formed over just two days, as well as many great business insights that I can directly apply to my business.”

- Kristin Hoogheem, Mosaix, 2019 Guide


“Future Leaders is the BEST industry event of the year! It was an invaluable experience to build relationships with suppliers that truly are invested in the travel advisor community. After the discussions with my travel advisor peers, it has motivated me to take everything I do in the world of travel to the next level! We're all in this together, and all of the suppliers and travel advisors are the best examples of young professionals that are embracing and leading the change in this industry!”

- Nolan Flynn, LaMacchia Travel


“Future Leaders is unlike any other event I've attended in the industry in the way it encourages authentic dialogue and collaborative networking. It's both relaxing and thought-provoking, in a way that fosters professional relationships that go beyond the 'what can you do for me or my business' mindset. It helps to recenter my focus, it invigorates my motivation to make a difference doing what I love, and to always, always, always remember to put my 'why' at the heart of it all.”

- Tiffany Harrison, AAA Northeast, 2019 Guide


“It was so refreshing to connect with fellow travel advisors and suppliers in a more relaxed setting where connections were made organically through genuine conversation and group activities in beautiful Aspen, Colorado. Future Leaders was well curated and I came away with several takeaways to take back to my team. With so many issues in the world today and having come to the travel industry from mission driven organizations, it was inspiring to connect with others who understand the impact we have in helping our clients achieve their dreams and reconnect with themselves and loved ones while traveling.”

- Katy Chadwell, Century Travel


“Future Leaders gave me the feeling of community and growth. I feel like I walked in and immediately joined a team of like-minded entrepreneurs who want to succeed and see each other succeed. I spent three days problem-solving, learning from other consultants and creating long-lasting partnerships.”

- Jessica Cribari, Barefoot Getaways Travel


“Future Leaders was an amazing and enlightening experience. For most travel conferences, you are with hundreds of other advisors and only meet with suppliers for two minutes each at trade shows, if you’re lucky. During Future Leaders, you spend nearly all day alongside suppliers and advisors, networking and socializing about what inspires one another in this ever-growing business we call travel. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life. Everyone shared common goals and the ambition to grow together.”

- Justin Murphy, VIP Travel Experience



“The travel industry is changing because of Future Leaders. We asked some big questions and had the time to thoughtfully answer and discuss. It's clear that no one in the room feared change, but rather, were ready to step up where needed for the good of the entire community.”

- Gina Bang, Avanti Destinations


“Future Leaders provided an opportunity for enthusiastic and like-minded people to connect and find solutions for a fast changing travel landscape. Being able to have candid conversations about our industry in general and look for ways to improve the way we operate has already proved helpful at Travel2.”

- Ren West, Travel2


“Future Leaders shed some light on where the travel community is headed—straight to the top! It was very beneficial to sit in on the workshops, as a supplier, and hear valuable feedback and also be apart of these discussions on how to elevate your business and yourself. I was inspired because for one of the very first times in my career, I was in a room of only my peers.

- Jazzmine Douse, AmaWaterways


“At last (!) we have a chance to meet young, like-minded individuals, and share our experience as Millennial in the sometimes old school travel industry. Future Leaders is truly a one-of-a-kind event.”

- Yael Golan, Israel Ministry of Tourism