Travel Advisors


“The Retreat was a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals in the travel industry to share ideas in a safe and serene space surrounded by the gorgeous mountains of Aspen and supportive peers. Learning what other advisors and suppliers are doing was extremely valuable to brainstorming how I can improve and grow my business. It was inspiring to be around other motivated individuals that are excited about the travel industry and how we can shape its future in a positive way.”

- Susie Chau, Carpe Diem Traveler


“The Retreat gave me the opportunity to meet quality travel professionals and suppliers from across the United States, and to interact and learn from them and with them in a meaningful, fun way. I was able to deepen professional relationships, collaborate, and build lasting connections with key people in the travel industry. I will take what I have learned here and apply it to my business, and continue to build relationships with the wonderful people I had the pleasure of spending time with.”

- Leigh Ann Mobley, The Joy of Travel


“The time I spent in Aspen at the Future Leaders in Travel Retreat was invaluable to the growth of my business and to my professional development goals. The Retreat offered unique experiences designed to develop meaningful partnerships and increase my knowledge of best business practices, leading products, and preferred suppliers.”

- Leslie Canter Swanson, Departure Lounge


“After attending this Retreat, I felt empowered and appreciated as a younger travel advisor in the industry. I want to help influence the travel industry in a positive way and it was awesome to be surrounded by leading advisors and suppliers who share the same passion. Not only did I walk away with many new business insights, but I felt like I made great connections and friends that I am excited to work with and keep in touch with in the future.”

- Kristin Hoogheem, Sales Driven Adventures


“The Retreat was an experience unlike any other. It blended personal and professional development into one unique opportunity. This was a chance to get beyond the traditional trade conference, and really connect with other attendees. The fact that each morning started with outdoor activities allowed me to (literally and figuratively) take a deep breath of fresh mountain air and feel re-inspired by the travel industry. We're all working in travel for different reasons, and have taken different paths to get there, and The Retreat made for a way to learn more about those reasons and the people leading the way into the future of the industry. I'm still working on unpacking all the learning and ideas that took place.”

- Tiffany Harrison, STA Travel


“This experience was truly a blessing. Each of us were lifted up and celebrated as a younger agents! Being surrounded by like minded individuals that share in the passion of travel, luxury, as well as using technology to gain a more productive way of doing business, truly showed me that this is the 'it' career. It was beyond inspiring. Many of us have come so far in such a little amount of time that it was a blessing to learn as well as help others continue to flourish beyond our wildest dreams.”

- Shaunette White, Castaway Cruise & Travel



“The Retreat was a refreshing travel conference focused on the trends and opportunities of our industry, all told from the perspective of those poised to shape its future. Millennial suppliers and advisors from all over the country had the opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and form meaningful connections against the incredible backdrop of Aspen, Colorado. Educational content was mixed seamlessly with outdoor adventures and evening social time to provide an unforgettable two days. I highly recommend it!”

- David Siewers, Celebrity Cruises


“I loved being around like minded, motivated individuals in the travel industry. Being able to share experiences with others who are in leadership positions, but often times the youngest in the room, made me realize I have a huge community to grow with, and I am not limited to only my daily interactions. I had the opportunity to take advantage of all aspects of the event and walk away more confident, enlightened, and motivated.”

- Bethany Ward, Playa Hotels & Resorts


“The Future Leaders in Travel Retreat was truly an unconventional convention. It had the perfect balance of outdoor and indoor activities. Aspen is also such an inspiring destination, with so much natural beauty to discover. Having the chance to reconnect with nature in the morning while participating in a yoga class on the mountains [with deer grazing nearby], was just what we needed to open up our minds and get creative during our workshop sessions in the afternoon.”

- Jacqueline Villavicencio, Club Med


“At events you always 'meet' people, but at The Retreat, I formed meaningful relationships with people based on common experiences and shared goals.”

- Gina Bang, Avanti Destinations


“The Retreat provided organic and thought-provoking conversations between the next generation of travel advisors and suppliers. The unique mix of outdoor experiences, paired with sessions and workshops, allowed us to connect with each other and nature in the beautiful setting of Aspen, CO.”

- Sara Blakeslee, Norwegian Cruise Line